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Unofficial Metacritic API released as a package

For everyone googling for what happened to the Metacritic API that was published on it was taken down by Mashape because they received a complaint from CBS Interactive, which owns Scraping web pages (even though my API is not an automated crawler) is a legally grey area and any centralization is a weakness – it’s pretty easy to either block or attack the origin with legal threats.

Therefore I released the API script as a distributable package that you can host on your server and it’s up to you to get the authorization from them that it’s OK to do whatever you are doing.

Click here if you are interested in buying it. Please note, this is a package for developers. This means it should prevent you from having to implement and maintain it yourself. As such, it also means you can use it in as many of your own projects as you like.


Why did I not release the source as free? I want to offer it as a product with support, and not as an soon-to-be abandoned github project. Also, I have a business and lots of bills to pay.

Why PHP 5.5.9 as a requirement? The script was not meant for distribution and I like Lumen now 🙂 But it’s not out of the question that I will make a back-port. Please let me know if there’s any interest for a PHP 5.3 compatible package. However, as a developer I am sure you have a web server for development purposes. After all, you can get one for as low as 5 EUR / month. I have one at and I am happy with it.

What does it mean “support and upgrades”? It means I will fix any bugs, add new functions and regularly release new versions. After your purchase, you will be able to download the newest version of the script from this website.

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